Dragonfly Commons is a local, not-for-profit initiative to bring about an innovative solution to our local workforce housing crisis.  The goal is to provide affordable home ownership in a secluded eco-friendly development on Drake Road, walking distance to Ganges. The project proposes to create 30 strata lots on a 10.5 acre property with small, detached houses ranging in size from 450 – 650 sq/ft.  The property is owned by couple Fernando and Tami dos Santos who are spearheading a planning team of highly qualified and motivated individuals to help realize this vision.

Who is this project for?

We are focusing on creating an affordable neighbourhood for a diverse community of working people on Salt Spring with a range from low to middle-income levels.

The criteria is still evolving but will be similar to the criteria below.  Also, the criteria is not exclusionary and is intended only to help with the prioritization of applications in the selection process.

Applicants will be able to qualify for a maximum of 100 points which will establish priority.   The 30 applicants with the most points will be eligible to purchase one of the units.  In the case where we have a tie for the 30th position, priority will be given to those who applied the earliest.

In the case of couples/partners who choose to purchase jointly, they will each apply and their point scores will be averaged.

Please see below for the categories and point allocations:

1.  Qualifies with BC Housing as a first time buyer. (20 points) 

2.  Has a job on Salt Spring Island. (20 points)  OR  Has a job offer for a job on Salt Spring Island.  (10 points)

3.  Has a job on Salt Spring Island working in the healthcare field or in social services. Examples could include nurse, nurse practitioner, medical technician, counsellor, outreach, transition house worker, home care worker, healthcare assistant, support worker, teacher, teacher’s assistant…  (15 points)

4.  Has been living on Salt Spring Island for at least one year. (5 points)

5.  Has been living on Salt Spring Island for at least five years. ( An additional 10 points)

6.  You will receive 20 points if  you are 35 years of age or under.  For every year of age after 35 you will receive one less point.  For example, someone who is 40 years of age at the time of the application will receive 15 points and someone who is 52 years of age will receive 3 points.  (Up to 20 points)

7.  Has a gross annual income of $60,000 or less as verified by income tax filings. (10 points)



Transportation Commission gives message of support

As reported in the January 31st, 2018 Driftwood, the Salt Spring Transportation Commission is recommending significant upgrades to Drake Road and also voted to send a message of support for the Dragonfly Commons project in response to the referral from the Islands Trust.  We appreciate this Commission keeping Drake Road as a priority.

About Us

Our hardworking and resourceful steering committee includes members with background in affordable housing, law, financing, architecture, project planning, computer science, geology, etc.

Steering Committee:
Chas Belknap
Ron Cooke
Donald Gunn
Jane Patterson
Kisae Petersen
Cora Platz
Robin Williams

Board of Directors of Dragonfly Commons Housing Society
Fernando Dos Santos
Tami Dos Santos
Kisae Petersen
Ron Cooke


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