Grant application

We have further exciting news that, in addition to finally getting our water licence, we have a possible way forward to develop our water system by partnering with NSSWD, North Salt Spring Water District. Unfortunately there is a significant cost to doing so, but we have a potential solution to that problem by applying for a CMHC grant program entitled
“CMHC Housing Supply Challenge” with NSSWD as a very supportive sub-applicant. The first stage of the grant will award up to $75,000 to 30 applicants from across the country. These funds are to be used over a 6-month period for pre-development costs and will assist NSSWD to develop their bylaws and protocols so as to be able to own Dragonfly’s water system. In addition, the 30 successful applicants will have access to a pool of 38 million dollars to be used over a two-year period for development costs. We will find out sometime in October whether we are successful with our grant application and, if so, we are hoping to move our project forward quite quickly after that.