A major milestone!

We have had a number of productive meetings with our Islands Trust planner Rob Milne in the past couple of months.

During this time we have been working hard to provide all of the necessary information for Rob to be able to write his report and to present our project to the Local Trust Committee.


We have accomplished a lot in the past year and we have at least partially addressed all of the major aspects so as to prove the feasibility of the project:

B.         All rezoning applications for affordable housing projects should include evidence of:

  1. need for the housing.
  2. an adequate water supply for potability and for fire protection.
  3. means of sewage disposal.
  4. energy and water efficient building design.
  5. not degrading a sensitive ecosystem.
  6. not being sited in an area subject to hazardous conditions.

On July 20th we appeared before the Local Trust Committee with our Islands Trust planner Rob Milne.  In his Staff Report he showed that we have addressed all the major aspects and his recommendation was:

That the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee directs staff to prepare draft bylaws for the review and consideration of the Local Trust Committee.

The LTC (Peter Grove, George Grams and Peter Luckham) wholeheartedly supported the recommendation and voted to direct staff to prepare the draft bylaw.  Peter noted that our communication with the trustees along the way has been very good and that he had no questions for us.  George remarked that he agreed and that he would “like to see it move on apace”.

We have passed a major milestone!

Read the Staff Report 20-July-2017