Parc Meeting – Monday, April the 16th at 5:00 pm at the Portlock portable

Unfortunately we have run into a roadblock with the CRD PARC Commission which does not appear to grasp the seriousness of the housing crisis and the difficulty of providing affordable housing.  They have steadfastly refused to accept our 50% land donation and have voted to make us pay $15,000 in cash-in-lieu of land.  Thankfully CRD Director Wayne McIntyre does not agree with the Commission and has put the matter back on the Agenda for them to reconsider the matter this Monday, April the 16th at 5:00 pm at the Portlock portable.  We have been added to their agenda as a delegation and will be trying to get them to reverse their decision.  We do not believe that they are in tune with the community and if they truly support affordable housing, as they purport to do, they should not be asking us to contribute money when we are more than ready to contribute land.  If you have time, please feel free to attend the meeting and show your support.